Thank you for all the kind words & love!

Since my daughter began receiving Occupational Therapy at Performance Pediatrics, there’s been much improvement overall within regulating her sensory needs. She’s been able to focus as well as attend to tasks while at preschool and at home with minimal meltdowns during transitions. In addition, her self-regulating skills are improving immensely. I can’t thank the staff at Performance Pediatrics enough for being a part of my daughter’s team and seeing her potential. From the moment we arrive and are welcomed by Miss Elaine’s warm smile until it’s time to leave, the staff are very professional, yet personal, and strive their best to meet the concerns/outcomes for each individual child and family. In addition, my daughter absolutely adores Miss Davina as well as Miss Lisa and enjoys going to Performance Pediatrics on a weekly basis. Miss Davina as well as Miss Lisa aim for excellence and take the time to explain what may seem overwhelming for parents and caregivers alike, how to carry-over activities at home in order for each child/family to reach their fullest potential. Overall, they truly care about their families and clients as it shows within their sessions with my daughter. They are extremely patient, kind and best of all, they love children! Lastly, there’s no other Occupational Therapy clinic that I could possibly recommend other than Performance Pediatrics. The staff go above and beyond to meet the needs of each client/family and again, strive for excellence within their daily protocol. As a mother, I feel incredibly blessed that my daughter has extremely competent and amazing therapists working with her weekly. It’s because of their knowledge and patience as well as passion for what they do, my daughter continues to progress in all avenues of life. To the staff at Performance Pediatrics, thank you again and again for all that you do and for helping me give my daughter the best life possible. We are truly blessed.

- Trish Palko

Both the staff and therapists at Performance Pediatrics are amazing.  They are extremely supportive of my son and also of my family. They have been patient with all of us and always offer guidance when needed.  After years of evaluations and dr appointments I finally feel like my son is getting what he needs.  The best part is they make it fun for him so he doesn’t even realize how hard he’s working.

- Leah

Our son was born 13 weeks premature, and received multiple state provided therapies until he aged out.  He was evaluated and deemed no longer in need of services, but after about a year we knew something was not right.  After multiple consultations with his pediatrician, it was suggested that we try private OT.  We spent 2 months fighting with insurance and a private OT facility to be approved for services, with multiple appeals that were denied.  Our pediatrician then recommended Performance Pediatrics.  Within an hour of my first call to them, we were approved and had an appointment for our son’s evaluation within just a few days. Our son has now been receiving OT services for sensory and attention issues for the past 9 months and we could not be happier with his growth.

Every member of the OT and front office staff that we have interacted with have been kind, courteous, supportive and helpful.  They explain all processes in full detail and make the children feel comfortable in a new environment.  Our son had an immediate rapport with Melissa and we were extremely impressed with her level of detailed and thorough feedback after each OT session.  She has made tips and suggestions that we have implemented at home with success and we now no longer have to wonder what to do in certain situations, but instead we work with the tools she has provided us to help our son be the most successful he can be.  I highly recommend Performance Pediatrics and am so grateful we found them!

- A. Worsley

My son was 9 when he started going to Performance Pediatrics in Lafayette. I spoke to Elaine and she has always been helpful in finding an appointment that fits and helping us with our insurance concerns. He has worked with Ms. Racheal for the past year and a half and has made progress that we did not think was possible. He was receiving school-based OT, however, the school OT believed that his handwriting and fine motor skills would never improve and she did not feel that the school-based OT could help with self-regulation, behavior, gross motor skills.  With just seeing Rachael once a week, he now has beautiful handwriting and actually likes to draw on his on! She has also helped him learn to control his body in regards to body awareness and self-regulation. OT has also helped him gain confidence and improve his social skills. He has developed a trust with her and she continues to amaze us when she gets him to do something that we never thought possible. She is always kind and caring to him, but at the same time knows when to push him to reach his goals. Finding Performance Pediatrics has been a blessing to us!!

- Aaron and Michele Katz

My 4 year old son attends Performance Pediatrics for Occupational Therapy. He has been attending for 4 months now, and truly loves it. The therapists are wonderful. They know how to challenge my son while still making it fun. They are very thorough and keep parents updated on the children’s progress. The sensory gym where the children receive their therapy (occupational, physical and speech) is bright and cheerful. There are a variety of things for the children to use, making therapy an enjoyable event. I highly recommend Performance Pediatrics to everyone I know.

- Krissy Kuczynski

Performance Pediatrics is by far the most wonderful center, run by the most educated, caring and loving staff you could ask for. From the minuet we walked in there in 2016 I knew this was the right place for us. You get greetings from everyone, love and cooperation like you have never felt in any practice in your life. Your child is not just & worked with & they are taught through fun, laughing and caring. I have learned so much from everyone. NO matter the problem I am having that week with my grandson, ALWAYS several solutions are offered. The solutions work. As my grandson has gotten older suggestions change and OT changes with him. I absolutely trust the entire staff who have now become family/friends and the best support system alive. I thank every heart and hand who helps these children.

- Janis & Dominic

Performance Pediatrics has been a huge blessing in our lives.  When we first learned that our daughter would need both occupational and physical therapy, it felt overwhelming.  We didn’t even know where to start, and Performance Pediatrics walked us through everything and helped to make recommendations of what she should receive.  We’ve seen so much progress, and it’s thanks to the awesome therapists at the & fun doctors (as our daughter calls it).  Everyone that we’ve encountered in the office is warm and loving to our daughter (and us), and has really helped us every step of the way on this journey.  Even guiding us with decisions around schooling and various things we can try at home.  It really feels like we have the perfect team on our side, and we are so grateful for the love and support Performance Pediatrics has given us!

- The D Family

Our experience at Performance Pediatrics and Performance Rehabilitation has been phenomenal! Elaine and Sue have worked diligently to help accommodate our scheduling needs. In addition to this, they have gone above and beyond to patiently guide us with paperwork and billing procedures in a timely fashion. Furthermore, Damon and Davina were extremely helpful with completing an in depth Occupational and Physical therapy evaluation for our eight year-old son. Jayme, Melissa, Rachel and Jackie, the Occupational and Physical
Therapists that have treated our son, have done an outstanding job with consistently providing us with helpful feedback as well as consistent support in an effort to maintain and improve our son’s progress from week to week. We would highly recommend this facility as our experience with them has been nothing but absolutely amazing.

- Melissa & Michael Marino

There is no greater work than the work of caring for our children. From the moment we started OT at performance pediatrics, the staff have been a blessing! They are the most educated group of therapists that I have had the honor and pleasure helping my grandson. If the world was filled with more people like each one of the therapists at performance, especially Ms. Melissa and Ms. Davina, what a joyful world we would be in. Thank you all for all that you do. We love you all!

- Janis T.

We are very satisfied with our experience at performance pediatrics. I love how the therapists keep me updated on progress, as well as give me knowledge on how to help my daughter. They are very caring and professional. All the staff is so friendly, and I’m so impressed with the COVID precautions that they have put into place. 

- S.G.

At Performance pediatrics, you have access to the highest level of care in Sussex and Passaic county. We have always felt the staff has been open and accommodating to our financial obligations. Our children have received individual care with focus on their needs. When their abilities have changed, the open communication has helped transition the plan to be most beneficial to our children. Whether changing therapy times or identifying new and/or different approaches to help my sons identify their needs for sensory input. We are very grateful we found the team and family in performance pediatrics!

- Holly C.

We have been to a few different clinics for OT, and we have never received the level of care, concern, compassion, and professionalism in explaining sensitive info, or challenging topics, as we have here at performance pads. We have recommended this clinic to many friends and family. Thank you for ALL that you guys to for us.

- Catherine B.

I’m incredibly happy with performance pediatrics. The therapists are friendly, helpful, and very professional. My son LOVES going to his sessions every week. I have noticed he has become strong as a result of attending. He is excited to tell me what he has done after his sessions and is so proud to tell his friends and family about Melissa. Performance pediatrics has a true family feel, and I love how welcoming and warm everyone always is!

- Emily S.

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