Treatment Programs

Astronaut Training (Visual Vestibular Protocol):

Astronaut Training is a child-friendly treatment protocol designed to stimulate and integrate the vestibular, auditory and visual sensory processing centers and enhance functioning in a wide variety of areas including but not limited to postural development and control, gross and fine motor coordination, timing and sequencing, spacial awareness and body awareness, balance, eye hand coordination, eye foot coordination, eye muscle control, visual motor skills, self regulation and attention. Astronaut Training consists of therapeutically precise rotational input to the vestibular system followed by eye tracking activities in seated and side lying positions. The program is set to a calming, space music which elicits an orienting response by the nervous system. This program trains the brain to more effectively integrate movement information with all of the senses so that the body becomes more organized for daily function. (modified from

Visual Protocol

Please be sure to ask your therapist about purchasing weighted blankets, listening CDs, Interactive Metronome program, thera-Band, and any of the sensori-motor equipment that will facilitate your child’s treatment and well being.