July 26th-August 19th,  Monday-Thursday from 9am-1pm

Ages 3-12 yrs (open to public and all children)

Occupational therapy/sensory Fun

Physical Therapy Conditioning and strengthening, Social skills group and speech, hands on, exploratory fun and academic learning!

$1875 – 4 weeks,  space is limited

Deadline to sign up: July 2nd

Welcome to Performance Pediatrics’ 4th Annual Extended School Year and Summer Camp! 

Our 4 week, half-day summer program is open to all children between the ages of 3-12 years old. We strive to provide your children the skills they need to succeed in all areas of learning and play. Our therapists and professionals specialize in working with children of all ages who present with social impairments or delays and mild to severe learning challenges and disorders. We are also able to decode and detect the underlying needs that children display making mastery of skills, or learning new skills challenging. That is why we created a fun, dynamic, multi-sensory-based summer camp/school program that is appropriate for every child, all ages, learning styles, and functional levels!

We have collaborated with a few great teachers, all with experience working with children with alternative learning styles. Our teachers are eager to provide a hands-on and multi-sensory approach to learning to achieve academic success. All children will benefit from enhancing gross and fine motor coordination, body awareness and impulse control, social skills, visual motor, and attention- while navigating obstacles, going on adventures, creating experiments, and developing self-help and coping skills throughout their program here at Performance Pediatrics.

Call our Lafayette office for more details! 973-862-6377