Meet our therapy dog, Teddy,  also known as “Teddy Bear”! He is our newest, sweetest, and fluffiest therapy dog (in training). Teddy absolutely loves coming to work to play on the swings and crash pads, all while making new friends!

He loves to play with our kiddos during their sessions but he also enjoys his much-needed nap times during the day!

Providing Therapy services to families in need utilizing the medium of “play”, Sensory Integration, and the “DIR” approach to achieve individualized goals. Pre-school to school-aged children with various developmental, neurological, and sensory-related difficulties in the Sussex/Morris County area.

Pediatric Occupational, Speech, and Physical Therapy Services, proudly servicing Sussex, Morris, and Passaic county!

Totowa NJ- 973-237-1975

Lafayette NJ- 973-862-6377